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In 2011 we started providing scholarships for the 9 top achievers at the only secondary school in the Ndandini area. In 2019 we have now increased that to 66. There are now 410 desperately poor students at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta Secondary Schools striving to get an education so they can better their lives. Can you help us increase the number of scholarships that we provide?
$300 is the cost for school fees, a uniform and books for a child for a year. We provide a $150 per year scholarship to the top students based on their academic achievement. We are looking for donations in any amount.
Donors to the scholarships will be able to follow our progress on this blogspot as we post information about the children being sponsored, photos and letters.
100% of the donations received go to the students and the Board of Governors accounts to us for the funds. There are no deductions for fundraising or administration.
Like the students and their parents, we know that without an education there is little hope for them to make a better life for themselves.

Unlike in Canada, families in Kenya have to pay school fees and provide uniforms and books in order for their children to attend high school. Many children are forced to drop out because, with family incomes of less than $1/day, their families cannot afford to pay the school costs.

Donations in any amount will receive a tax receipt (for Canadian income tax returns).
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Terry Umbach

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Extracts from Thank You Letters from scholarship recipients at Kyaithani Secondary School 2017

Here are extracts from some of the Thank You letters to our donors received from the scholarship recipients at Kyaithani Secondary School.

Your support of our scholarship program is making a huge difference in the lives of these young adults.  Many would not still be in school without their scholarship support.  Many are looking forward to in turn giving back to their community because of what you have done for them.  

Thank you donors!  Please consider supporting our scholarship fund again this year. Hopefully we can increase the number of scholarships beyond the 36 we provided to Kyaithani Secondary and the 24 provided to Lower Yatta Secondary.

Isaac W, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I thank the Almighty God for granting you with a heart of giving without expecting anything back.  I want to pass along my sincere gratitude for the scholarship you have been offering to us.  For sure, if it were not for your support I would not be where I am today.  On behalf of all the students, our sincere thanks for providing us with computers and solar lights.  They have facilitated and improved our level of learning.  I promise to continue to work hard and I know your support of us will not be in vain.  I urge you please do not lose hope in us because we are the leaders of tomorrow.

Jan receives the 36 Thank You letters from the Kyaithani scholarship students
Stephen K, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
I take this Almighty given chance to thank you for your efforts of keeping me in our beloved school.  We are humbled and grateful to you for the computers and solar lights.  Let me pass on congratulations for your projects and great things you have done and even brought to our school.  Please know the important role that you have played to us.

Joyce M, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I want to thank you for the support of my education.  My background is not that pleasing and my parents earn little from their daily work.  Your kindness has reduced a burden for my parents.  I really appreciate our work and pray that you be blessed for your kindness.  Since you sponsored me, I committed myself to work hard to do the same in our society as well as in the world.  Yours Faithfully

Absalum K, Form 1, Kyaithani Secondary School
I write this letter to appreciate you for the goodness you have brought to us.  I want to appreciate you for the money you have given to help my parents pay my school fees.  I also want to appreciate you for the computers you have brought for us.  We have been learning through them and they have helped us to know many things.  I also want to thank you for the solar lights.  They are helping me improve my performance.I really appreciate all the support you have put towards our school.

Simon M, Form 3, Kyaithani Secondary School
I want to pass my gratitude for your scholarship program.  Because of it, I have managed to be in school all the time.  It has also led to an improvement in my grades.  I also want to appreciate you for the installation of the computers which has led to an expansion of our minds.

Aron S, Kyaithani Secondary School
Your scholarship support has enabled me to do well in my studies.  I have benefited much from this because I have never been sent home for school fees.  I also thank you for the computers.  they have been helping us so much.  They have enabled us to access important information in our studies.  I do request you to continue supporting us.

Peter K, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
thank you for the scholarship that I have received since Form 1.  As a result of your scholarship I have managed to stay in school which has led to improved grades.  Thanks also for the computers.  They have helped us to access the internet and learn more and expand our minds.  This has improved our studies.  Thanks too for the solar lights.  Our parents are faced by low economic status and are not able to provide light on a daily basis without them.

Elvis W, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
I thank you for taking part in paying my school fees.  that has always been a big challenge.  We are very happy and grateful that your have brought computers to our school.  We can now access information that we need.  I pray for the Almighty Lord to bless you.

Hellen M, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
Your scholarship project has been assisting me since 2015.  Thank you.  Many students have been struggling to find their school fees.   But many now are greatly benefiting so much.  Thanks for the computers.  We operate them into the late hours in order to expand our brains.

Benson F, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
Through the scholarships you have maintained us in school so we rarely have to go home for school fees.  Thank you.  Also thanks for the solar lights.  We have been reading at night and also at home.  Feel much appreciated.

Margaret K, Form 1, Kyaithani Secondary School
I am very thankful for your contribution to my school fees.  You have assisted my parents very much to let me acquire an education.  I have managed to remain in school all the time and this has led to improvement in my grades.  Thanks too for your support of the computers.  We learn through computers and we get more education.  Computers have made my learning easier and I have been improving in my academics.

Purity K, Form 1, Kyaithani Secondary School
Thank you for the scholarship.  If it were not for you, my parents could not make it.  Your contribution towards my school fees has made me improve in my studies.  I am thankful for the computers that allow me to google for information I want.  The solar lights make reading more comfortable when the supply of electric if low.  I am pulling up my socks knowing that this shall determine my future.  Thank you for your support.  May God bless you.

Lydiah M, Form 1, Kyaithani Secondary School
Thank you for supporting us as students.  Everybody can now operate the computers that you provided.  We are all very happy and proud of that.  I thank you too for the assistance with school fees.

Joseph F, Form 1, Kyaithani Secondary School
I appreciate the fee payment which has enabled my parents to keep me in school most of the time.  This has really helped me and helped my parents since they have low economic status.  After my secondary education I wish to join university.

Agnes F, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I appreciate your scholarship.  It has really helped my studies.  I also want to thank you for the solar lights.  Our parents could not afford buying fuel daily but because of the solar lights we have benefited from them.  Feel much appreciated and may the Almighty God, the giver of everything, shower his blessings on you for the work that you have done.

 Mary M, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I pass my gratitude to you for the loving and kind work you have done to my life in school through paying for my fees.  If it were not for your support I could not be where I am now.  The computer labs have helped us improve our academics.  They have enabled us to access the internet for past revision papers and find more information when we do not understand.  

Shadrack N, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
Thank you for supporting my school fees payment.  This program has helped many students, including me, where my parents were not able to pay the required fee amount. I also want to mention your school development project.  The computers have improved our teaching system in our school.  The teachers and students have done many researches concerning the teaching program.

Gladys T, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I extend my gratitude for your scholarship.  It is as a result of your scholarship that I have managed to remain in school and improved my grades.  Thank you for all that you are doing to better our education.

Kiema M, Form 2, Kyaithani Secondary School
Thank you for your contribution in paying my school fees.  It is my gratitude that you have been working hard, doing all that you can to keep me at school.This has reduced my cases of always being on my way back home going for school fees.  I am doing my best in my studies.  How I pray that you continue paying so as to give me a chance to be always in school.

Mercy M, Form 3, Kyaithani Secondary School 
Thank you for your scholarship and the schools computers and the Solar lights.  Nothing we can pay you, just to put a lot of efforts into our studies and pray for the Mighty God to bless you.

Isaac S, Kyaithani Secondary School
Thank you for playing a key role in my upkeep at school.  Your support has improved my performance.  Thank you for the development program you have brought to our school.  Thank you for the solar lights and the tractor that brings clean water to our school.  Thank you for all you are doing to better our education and better our lives.

Benson M, Kyaithani Secondary School
I honour and appreciate your providence towards the success of my education.  You've kept me in school and led to improvement in my performance.  Thanks too for the solar lights that don't affect my eyes like the smokey light did before.  Thanks too for the computers that are adding value to our intellectual aspects.  May God assign angels to protect you wherever you go.

James R, Form 4, Kyaithani Secondary School
I appreciate your assistance towards my education.  The scholarship program has really assisted me as well as my parents since they are of low economic status.  i have spent most of my time at school since Form 1.  If it were not for you I would not be in school.  I also acknowledge the development that you brought to our school with the computers  which are helping all the students as we access most of the information from the computers.

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