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In 2011 we started providing scholarships for the 9 top achievers at the only secondary school in the Ndandini area. In 2019 we have now increased that to 66. There are now 410 desperately poor students at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta Secondary Schools striving to get an education so they can better their lives. Can you help us increase the number of scholarships that we provide?
$300 is the cost for school fees, a uniform and books for a child for a year. We provide a $150 per year scholarship to the top students based on their academic achievement. We are looking for donations in any amount.
Donors to the scholarships will be able to follow our progress on this blogspot as we post information about the children being sponsored, photos and letters.
100% of the donations received go to the students and the Board of Governors accounts to us for the funds. There are no deductions for fundraising or administration.
Like the students and their parents, we know that without an education there is little hope for them to make a better life for themselves.

Unlike in Canada, families in Kenya have to pay school fees and provide uniforms and books in order for their children to attend high school. Many children are forced to drop out because, with family incomes of less than $1/day, their families cannot afford to pay the school costs.

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Terry Umbach

Friday, January 6, 2017

Pending Famine in Ndandini - Scholarship help essential - you can help

January has seen the start of a new school year and should also be seeing the implementation of the solar light rent-to-own program at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta Secondary schools.  Last year there were slightly over 200 students in each of these schools.  So by the end of January there could be over 400 solar lights in use by these students. 

Because of donations from many individuals like you, last year we were able to provide 48 scholarships for the top achievers of these 400+ students.  There are so many more students whose parents also have difficulty providing the money for the school fees.  Life is very hard in the Kyaithani area and average income is less than a dollar a day.  So you can imagine that school fees of $300-400 per year per student is a real hardship - and many families have several children to worry about.

I hope that you can help support our scholarship program this year.  Any amount helps.  You can contribute on our blogspot .

Kimali, the principal of Kyaithani Secondary, has just reported:

We thank God for the good start of the New Year, 2017.  We have resumed schooling after a long vacation. The KCSE examination results are out and the Kyaithani Cluster schools have done well. The KCPE examination results were released earlier and the performance by the cluster pupils was impressive. We expect to receive better calibre of students in Form One, next week.

Thanks a lot and may God bless you for the good work you have been doing for the good of the Kyaithani Cluster pupils, students and villagers.

However, the villagers and students are facing another tough year.  As Eliud, the vice-principal of Kyaithani secondary reports:

The year does not seem promising for the area is very dry and rains have not been adequate to produce crops.  People here relay on rains for their crops and incomes , so we are likely to face a lot of challanges in terms of school fees payments.

Our partner, Kenya Connect, who will be implementing the solar light rent-to-own program has just advised:

We have had to postpone the issuance of solar lights from next week 10th to January 17th. Unfortunately, Kyaithani Secondary School has had to send almost all their students home to bring back school fees by today.  Eliud said that the students usually take a week plus before they can come back to school with the money.

Providing scholarships for these students is a big help for those students who get them.  Here are a few appreciative comments from the 48 letters that we received from last year's scholarship students when we visited the schools in October 2016:

You have relieved my parents of a heavy burden in paying the school fees of which they could not have managed on their own.  Frida  Form 1 Kyaithani Secondary School

Many students have been suffering a lot due to lack of school fees and you have helped them to get back to school.  Elvis  Form 1 Kyaithani Secondary School

Your sponsorship has enabled me to remain in school all day through and this has improved my learning. Mary  Lower Yatta Girls Secondary School

Since you took the chance to offer me a scholarship I have never been sent home for school fees.  I promise to work extra hard to get best grade.  Monica  Lower Yatta Girls Secondary School

I am really happy because of the change in my school fees payment because I have been attending all classes and not missing one due to lack of school fees.  Joyce  Form 3 Kyaithani Secondary School

My scholarship has helped me very much because since I reported in Kyaithani I have never gone home for school fees.  Aron  Form 2 Kyaithani Secondary School

Sometimes before your scholarship sponsorship I could be sent home for money and I could take some time at home which contributed to my failure at school.  Since your scholarship I have remained in school and have also improved my grades.  Gladys  Form 3  Kyaithani Secondary SchoolPresident of the student body)

You have helped many of us throughout the year by assiting in paying our school fees.  You have also bought us computers which are known to be expensive.  Our parents back at home appreciate this so much for they don't struggle now in paying the school fee.  Jacinta  Lower Yatta Girls Secondary School

Since I joined this school I have seen any students prosper in their lives due to your scholarships. I thank our Almighty God for giving you a heart of giving.  Mary Form 3 Kyaithani Secondary School

Before I had your scholarship I had always been chased for school fees now and then.  I am really grateful for your assistance.  Miriam Form 4 Kyaithani Secondary School

Were it not for your scholarship I would have had a very tough time in school since I would not have been able to pay for all expenses for my school fees.  Cosmos  Form 4  Kyaithani Secondary School

If it were not for you I could have faced hard times in my payment of my school fees.  Videllis  Form 4 Kyaithani Secondary School

If it were not for you I would not have come this far since my parent is a farmer.  She has low income and in our family we are two children and we all need school fees.  Form 3 Kyaithani Secondary School

I have benefited much from your scholarship and if it were not for you, probably I could not have been in school to achieve my dream, which is to be a doctor, as my parents are unable to pay all my school fees.  Shadrack  Form 3 Kyaithani Secondary School

If it were not for you I would not have come this far in school because my guardian is not able to raise my school fees.  Jacklin  Form 3  Kyaithani Secondary School

 Without your sponsorship I would not have come this far as my parents have low economic status.  I have seen many students benefiting from the scholarships and have better lives.  I thank our Almighty Lord for giving you a heart of giving.  James  Form 3 Kyaithani Secondary School

I am the eldest in a family of four children and two parents.  I am aspiring to become a lawyer so tht I can talk and speak for the rights of the weak and disabled.  I thank you for your scholarship because if it were not for your sponsorship I could be at home heopless and definitely without the focus that I now have.  Benson  Form 2 Kyaithani Secondary School

Since my parents are of low economic status I could not make it if it were not for your scholarship donation.  Please feel very appreciated.  Isaac  Form 3 Kyathiani Secondary School

You have assisted me so much.  I had been struggling to get school fees for the past two terms before I received your scholarship.  Because you realized that it is important fo me to get enough education, I promise to try my best and work harder.  Hellen  Form 1  Kyaithani Secondary School

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