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In 2011 we started providing scholarships for the 9 top achievers at the only secondary school in the Ndandini area. In 2019 we have now increased that to 66. There are now 410 desperately poor students at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta Secondary Schools striving to get an education so they can better their lives. Can you help us increase the number of scholarships that we provide?
$300 is the cost for school fees, a uniform and books for a child for a year. We provide a $150 per year scholarship to the top students based on their academic achievement. We are looking for donations in any amount.
Donors to the scholarships will be able to follow our progress on this blogspot as we post information about the children being sponsored, photos and letters.
100% of the donations received go to the students and the Board of Governors accounts to us for the funds. There are no deductions for fundraising or administration.
Like the students and their parents, we know that without an education there is little hope for them to make a better life for themselves.

Unlike in Canada, families in Kenya have to pay school fees and provide uniforms and books in order for their children to attend high school. Many children are forced to drop out because, with family incomes of less than $1/day, their families cannot afford to pay the school costs.

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Terry Umbach

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Student Letters show benefits of Water

Here are two letters recently received from students at Kyaithani Secondary School (using the internet-enabled PC and camera donated last year).  Your donations are making a REAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of the students and villagers in the Ndandini and Kyaithani area!

Dear Terry and Donors, 25/6/2012
Let me take the golden chance to salute you, I would like to register my appreciation on behave of our community for the water that have brought very close to us, actually it has assisted us very much.
For one it has been used for domestic purposes like for example we used to make ten kilometres bringing livestock to the only available river which is called river Tiva. Last year a number of cattle died because they were not able to walk for long distances in search of water. Again water supply has led to time management , since i used to walk for far distances going to fetch water after school, now am utilising my time while, I normally walks half kilometre where i cannot take more 30 minutes.
Secondly it has created job opportunities, like for example the driver for tractor has got job since he was being trained on and he had lacked a job and due to your provision of tractor he has got job and he is happy on that, he will educate his children and also to cater for his family needs.
Since the water is very near, they have capture up their mind to use water for making bricks to earn some money which will cater for their satisfaction. And due to this they will be tired and they will not get time to engage in drug abuse.
Finally request from our community members if possible the water should be piped to the six schools so that everybody to feel comfortable. Thank you
Compiled by
EMMACULATE KASYOKA (a form 4 student)

TO: Donors
Hope you are fine. I write to thank you for the water provision project to our community with the inclusion of the tractor donated to us. We are grateful for your kindness and humanity as per benefits and output of your concern. The water project has helped in and benefited us in the following ways:-
1.       Improvement of hygiene as the water provided is very clean and safe for consumption and domestic use.
2.       Creation of employment in reflection to the driver of the tractor, care takers of water tanks, watchman and others.
3.       Supply of water to the school; so children don’t carry water to school every day from their home which is tiresome.
4.       Simplified fighting deforestation due to the availability of water to be use in planting trees.
5.       Reduced wastage of time when going and coming from the river.
6.       Some people use the water to plant vegetables and fruits like pawpaw and passions
7.       The water is making us turn our school into a ‘green school’ because we are watering our small trees. This will make them to survive during this long dry hot season.
Actually you have acted as role model to our society and we promise to utilise the water in the best way. May God bless you.
From: John Mbithi Form 4 student
Here are a couple of photos they also sent.  (There are more on our project website at )

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