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In 2011 we started providing scholarships for the 9 top achievers at the only secondary school in the Ndandini area. In 2019 we have now increased that to 66. There are now 410 desperately poor students at Kyaithani and Lower Yatta Secondary Schools striving to get an education so they can better their lives. Can you help us increase the number of scholarships that we provide?
$300 is the cost for school fees, a uniform and books for a child for a year. We provide a $150 per year scholarship to the top students based on their academic achievement. We are looking for donations in any amount.
Donors to the scholarships will be able to follow our progress on this blogspot as we post information about the children being sponsored, photos and letters.
100% of the donations received go to the students and the Board of Governors accounts to us for the funds. There are no deductions for fundraising or administration.
Like the students and their parents, we know that without an education there is little hope for them to make a better life for themselves.

Unlike in Canada, families in Kenya have to pay school fees and provide uniforms and books in order for their children to attend high school. Many children are forced to drop out because, with family incomes of less than $1/day, their families cannot afford to pay the school costs.

Donations in any amount will receive a tax receipt (for Canadian income tax returns).
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Terry Umbach

Thursday, October 20, 2011


During our recent visit to Ndandini and Kyaithani we had the opportunity to talk with each of the 9 students who received a $300 scholarship this past year.

They are all studying very hard for their final exams for this year.  Many of them are coming to school by 4:30am each day to study using the newly installed solar lights at the Kyaithani Secondary School.

There are now 112 students in 3 forms.  As Kimali, the principal of the school, told us "every one of the students comes from a home which is desperately poor and is making huge sacrifices to send their child to school".

There are many more students that could be helped if we could raise more donor funds to supply these $300/year scholarships.

While we were there we also were privileged to be able to deliver an internet-enabled PC, a 32" LCD TV, dvd player, the full National Geographic magazine library (on a hard drive), many educational DVDs and a camera - all made possible by your donations.

The students recited a poem to us for you:

"Donors.  We asked for water and you gave us water.
Donors.  We asked for light and you gave us light.
Donors.  We asked for education and you gave us education (the scholarships).
We thank you.
May God bless you,
and bring you long life."


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